World premiere!

We’re honoured to present the effects of cooperation of two awesome artists connected with Silesian Guitar Autumn! Today Marek Pasieczny presents “Surrus” for two guitars performed with Marek Nosal, Artistic Director of Silesian Guitar Autumn Festival.

“Susurrus” is available on YouTube channel of Marek Pasieczny as well as all major music platforms.

SUSURRUS for two guitars (2021) composed by MAREK PASIECZNY
I. Cantus Planus
II. Incantatio et Psalmu
III. Canticulum

Marek PASIECZNY – guitar Marek NOSAL – guitar
Marek Pasieczny plays on ‘Mehliana’ op. 377 by Philip Woodfield strings: D’Addario EJ46FF
Marek Nosal plays on guitar made by Petr Matoušek (2014) strings: D’Addario EJ46FF