Richard Galliano & Sylvain Luc

Richard Gallioano Syvian Luc




The amazing duo, an accordionist Richard Galliano and a guitarist Sylvain Luc, met in the 1990s. However, Mrs. Guitar and Mr. Accordion, as Luc and Galliano are sometimes called, had been performing together for some time, they lost touch after a while. Still, a shared passion for two undeniable icons of French music – Édith Piaf and Gus Viseur – was the reason why both musicians were bound to play together again. Their reunion took place in 2014, when they decided to record an album „La Vie En Rose”. The album was designed as a tribute to Piaf’s and Viseur’s works. Both musicians wanted to preserve the spontaneous, live and fresh nature of the music. That is why, they decided to rehearse as little as possible and to employ acoustic instruments. Duo Richard Galliano & Sylvain Luc will perform the material from their newest album.


Richard Galliano is a French accordion virtuoso. He began his musical education at the very young age of four. He studied at the Academy of Music in Nice. At the age of fourteen he started to explore the world of jazz music on his own and he became fascinated by it. His superb technique and musicality have earned him recognition worldwide. He has recorded over 50 albums. Richard Galliano collaborated with many renowned musicians, among them the Israeli accordionist Yehuda Oppenheimer, Astor Piazzolla, Juliette Greco, Charles Aznavour, Ron Carter, Chet Baker, Jan Garbarek, Wynton Marsalis and Renaud Garcia-Fons..


Sylvain Luc is a French guitar virtuoso. He was born to a musical family and was introduced to music at the early age. He studied the guitar, cello, violin and mandolin at the Academy de Bayonne. Under influence of the musical environment he was raised in, he began to be interested in jazz music. He created his own jazz band called Bulle Quintet at the age of fifteen. He quickly became appreciated for his technique, musicality and improvising skills. Luc is known for his collaborations with many celebrated artists such as Dee Dee Bridgewater, Tommy Emmanuel, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Wynton Marsalis, Didier Lockwood, John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham and Victor Bailey.