Regulations of 16. Jan Edmund Jurkowski Memorial Guitar Competition, Tychy 16.10 – 22. 10. 2016

1. Applicants: The competition is open to all guitarists born after December 31st 1985

2. Applicants should forward: – Competitor’s Application Form, – a scan of Passport or Identity Card – a recent photo to: Deadline: September 16th 2016

3. Registration fee: The total fee for a contestant is 320 EURO. Within this amount, the organizers ensure accommodation and board, participation in concerts and all festival events. The registration fee, 50 EURO should be transferred to the account: BIC (Swift): BPKOPLPW IBAN: PL 71 1020 2528 0000 0902 0268 2136 with the note: “Wpisowe – Śląska Jesień Gitarowa” Deadline: September 16th 2016 The remaining amount 270 EURO should be paid in cash just before the Festival at the office cash-desk. The registration fee cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Travel costs and insurance are to be covered by the contestants themselves.

4. Admission’s regulations: Admission to the competition will be confirmed by September 25th 2016.. The participants of the competition should check in at the Festival Office on October 16th 2016 by 12 pm.

5. Conditions of competition:

a. All performances in the competition must be made entirely from memory.

b. If the time limit is exceeded, the Head of the Jury may cut off the performance. Pieces played in one round may not be repeated in a later round.

c. The competitors will be judged by the international jury.

d. The score will be made in a point system ranging from 1 to 25. The highest and the lowest points of each candidate will be discounted when the points are added together to calculate the average score. The final results will be calculated as the total points of all three stages.

e. No jury member should give points to their own students.

f. All decisions of the jury must follow the view of the majority.

g. All decisions of the jury are definite

6. Additional conditions:

a.  The organizers of the competition reserve the right to take photos and record the competition as well as final concert and broadcast all the materials on the radio and television, and also to promote them in the media. No financial claims can be made by participants.

b. The organizers of the competition reserve the right to make recordings for television and radio stations on no-fee basis, as well as video and audio recordings for the production of CDs that will document the competition.

c. Prize-winners are obliged to participate in a prize-winners’ concert on a no-fee basis


Free programme – total time 13 – 15 minutes.


One chosen sonata:

1. S. Assad : Sonata

2. R.Balkanski: Sonata

3. R.R.Bennett: Sonata

4. D. Bogdanovic: Jazz Sonata

5. D. Bogdanovic: Sonata n.1

6. L. Brouwer: Sonata (a Julian Bream)

7. L. Brouwer: Sonata del Caminante (a Odair Assad)

8. M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Sonata “Hommage a Boccherini” op. 77

9. A. Ginastera: Sonata op. 47

10. H. W. Henze: Royal Winter Music, Second Sonata on Shakespearean Characters

11. V. Ivanovič: Sonata

12. A. José: Sonata

13. E. Jurkowski: Sonata Akademicka

14. D. Pavlovits: Stormbird Sonata

15. M. M. Ponce: Sonata Mexicana

16. M. M. Ponce: Sonata III

17. M. M. Ponce: Sonata Clásica

18. M. M. Ponce: Sonata Romántica

19. J. Rodrigo: Sonata Giocosa

20. R. Sierra: Sonata para guitarra

21. F. Sor: Grande Sonata op. 22

22. F. Sor: Seconda Grande Sonata op. 25

23. M. Tippett: Sonata « The Blue Guitar »

24. J. Turina: Sonata

25. P. Vasks: Vientulibas Sonate B.

Free programme Total time 30 – 35 minutes


One of the following concertos:

1. M. Castelnuovo – Tedesco : Concerto No. 1 in D major, op. 99

2. M. M. Ponce : Concierto del Sur

3. J. Rodrigo : Concierto de Aranjuez.

Participation in the competition is equivalent with accepting these rules and regulations as a binding agreement.