“I do consider Marek Pasieczny as a highly inspired guitarist and composer. His musical world deeply touches me by its great personality and originality. He is what I call a free artist.”

ROLAND DYENS – guitarist and composer (Paris, France; October 2008)


“Marek Pasieczny is still very young, but already one of the most important guitarists-composers-musicians from our time.”

CARLO DOMENICONI – guitarist and composer (Berlin, Germany; May 2010)


Award winning guitarist and composer Marek Pasieczny is one of the most recognizable contemporary composers of his generation writing for the guitar worldwide. Pasieczny holds three Master Degrees in music from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, UK (for composition and performance with distinction) and “Karol Lipiński” Academy of Music in Wrocław, Poland (for performance with distinction). In 2010, Pasieczny began a combined doctoral degree in composition and performance in Australia, before returning to Europe in 2012 and completing his PhD at Surrey University in London – Guildford, UK in December 2015 where he also was lecturer in composition and orchestarion.

As a composer, guitarist, lecturer and adjudicator Pasieczny has appeared regularly at festivals in Europe (Poland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The UK and Italy), Asia (China, Japan) Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Pasieczny has composed for and collaborated with such musicians as: Pat Metheny (CD Upojenie), Odair and Clarice Assad, David Russell, Roland Dyens, Carlo Domeniconi, Ana Vidović, Andrew York, Pavel Steidl, Edoardo Catemario, Gabriel Bianco, Krzysztof Pełech, Duo Melis, Lulo Reinchard and many others.

Pasieczny’s works include more than 150 pieces for solo instruments, duos, trios, quartets (string quartets, piano quartets), quintets (baroque string quartet and 13-course baroque lute, string quartet and guitar, brass quintets), large ensembles (chamber orchestras, symphony orchestras), nine concertos (for guitar, two guitars, tuba, guitar and clarinet) and works for choir.

Premieres of his works have been performed in venues such as: Royal Albert Hall and Wigmore Hall in London, UK; Carnegie Hall in New York City, USA; Lutoslawski’s Hall in Warsaw, Poland; Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury, UK; He Luting Hall and He Lv Ting Hall in Shanghai, China.

In 2012, Pasieczny became a D’Addario artist and as well featured on the cover of the prestigious Classical Guitar Magazine. More at: